How does customer service impact Second Story Wedding Shop?

Second Story excels at their level of customer service to all shoppers, consignors and visitors. By offering superior customer service by all staff, it has increased the chances of repeat customers. Second Story is trying to become more known  and not be “Peterborough’s Best Kept Secret” as described by one visitor.

Second Story continues to show customer service to new customers, as well as the existing familiar faces who stop in. By sharing the enthusiastic energy to everyone entering into the shop, it increases the possibilities of having visits by those who have already bough a dress. This wedding shop has established loyalty to their clients. One example of this could be how a bride bought her wedding gown and when she was finished with it, she decided to consign it so another bride would have the chance to feel beautiful on her special day.

In addition, Second Story values all their customers. I have witnessed this by seeing how the staff do not rush shoppers as they give them as much time as needed when trying items on and browsing through the racks. Also, the shop provides the opportunity to put things on hold for shoppers who are uncertain of a dress. By having this insight, this wedding shop has been doing a great job by helping customers feel at ease while they shop.

In the end, customer service has a great impact on Second Story as they have a wide range of shoppers. Whether it be a new customer who has been referred by a friend, a client consigning their beloved dress, or even an existing customer stopping by to give a quick “hello” to the friendly and helpful staff at Second Story.

What is the CARE program at Second Story?

The meaning behind this specific blog is to divulge into the CARE program offered at the Second Story Wedding Shop.

Second Story created the CARE program to help the community by showcasing how much they, and their consignors care about the community.

A CARE dress exists when a consignor either donates a dress directly to the program or allows their contract to expire and chooses to not pick up the item. If the inventory has not been sold after being in the shop for 13 months, it is entered into the CARE program if not renewed. To keep track of all the dress inventory, Second Story has an entire separate account for all the CARE dresses.

Second Story does not pry as to why an individual may need a dress from this selection. Whether it be due to financial concerns, and other reasons, Second Story is here to help where they can.

Grads are able to purchase any dress from Second Story’s stock and the CARE account pays for the dress or the portion that exceeds ability. This includes white dresses and colored dresses. Teachers can identify graduates in need to Second Story. The shopper can leave with both a beautiful smile on their face and a dress.

There are times when it is decided a dress is unlikely to sell. At this time it may be decided it can be remade into something beautiful for others. Second Story has an “Angel Stories” program ( This is a dedicated group of ladies who both work independently and also have meet ups at Personal Touch Banquet Hall ( to recreate dresses for babies born still, or become angels far too soon. These dresses are distributed locally and provided free of charge to families.

In my time here, I have also seen wedding dresses which have been donated to the CARE program be offered to little girls at a discounted rate when they don’t fit the typical little girl sizes. I have heard of a terminally ill bride, who with a medical certificate from her doctor, gained access to the CARE funds to quickly obtain a budgeted dress to marry her love.

CARE also provides funds to Canadian PKU and Allied Disorders when available. This not for profit is near to the owner’s heart as her son is affected by PKU.

Overall, Second Story’s CARE program is to express their kindness and generosity to offer assistance to shoppers who may need a little bit of help.


How does layaway work?

The main point of this blog is to inform people of how layaway works inside Second Story. This bridal shop encourages shoppers to not rush their decision when trying on dresses and the final purchase. Second Story reminds potential buyers to not pull out their wallet on the first day.  Second Story values helping their shoppers buy a dress they adore.

Layaway is a payment plan readily available for anyone needing assistance to afford purchasing a dress. This payment plan is communicated through the client and the store. To set up a layaway, the client is to deposit 50% of the desired dress price. Afterwards, the client makes payment arrangements to finish paying for the dress. The dress is picked up by the client once paid off in full to be enjoyed. Layaway possibilities are for varied priced dresses. This payment plan is a great choice for brides being able to have their dress for their special day and not be rushed into purchasing the item as soon as they decide on one. In addition, layaway is available for bridesmaids, mother of the bride and anyone else looking for special occasion wear. Having this plan also benefits the consignor of the dress as it is being sold.

Therefore, Second Story provides this special option to help clients sell their dresses, as well as having this method to assist people picking up their new belonging.

What Does Consignment Mean?

Welcome to the first blog of Second Story!

This blog is going to discuss how Second Story is a consignment wedding shop.

Brides, mother of the bride,  and many other people are looking for places to bring their loved dresses or are looking for an affordable way to purchase a dress for their special occasion. As well as wedding shops with discontinued dresses or those that have closed and bring their new dresses into Second Story.

How does consignment work? It’s important to take note that Second Story is not a thrift store.  People coming into the store can bring in their dresses they are wishing to share with the community. With doing so, there is a contract between the consignor and the store. The store looks over the dress to  ensure the quality meets the store’s standards (no visible stains, no rips or tears, etc). The store sets a price on what is the best value to be sold at. The store aims to sell each dress brought within a year time frame. The contract is signed if the consignor agrees with the terms of condition. Once the dress is sold at any time of the year, the consignor will receive a predetermined percentage of the cost of the dress. The store receives commission as the rest of the amount of the dress. Therefore, the dress will be in the store for 6 months before being discounted in order to increase chances of the dress being sold.  If the dress is reaching the full year, then it is up to the consignor to contact the store to renew the contract. Second Story does their best efforts to sell every dress that enters the store with various marketing strategies. Including promotional deals, and partnering with photographers to showcase the beautiful dresses.

Having a consignor wedding shop in Peterborough, Ontario gives hope to those looking for a beautiful dress without breaking the wallet, regardless of budget. Dresses can range in price from under $100 to a couple thousand. Depending on designer and age of dress.